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Widgets on Free accounts refresh once every 3 hours. Widgets on Pro accounts refresh every hour. Contact us about putting your Pro widget on a 10 minute refresh cycle.

You need to have a Pro package to remove FeedGrabbr branding.

To do so, go to the ‘Layout’ section in the widget customization page, find the ‘Header and Footer’ section, then select ‘Hide the footer with FeedGrabbr branding’.

You can make your widget responsive by setting its width to zero. It will then automatically resize to your website container’s width.

Yes. You can place FeedGrabbr embed code into any WordPress file if you are confident enough to dabble with the source code. But you may prefer to display your feed using a WordPress widget within for example, the sidebar in your theme. 

Don’t forget, if you need to tweak your FeedGrabbr widget’s appearance or add more RSS feeds, you don’t have to re-paste the code back into your site – the changes are automatically uploaded.

We’ve tried to provide plenty of options for tailoring how your widget looks via the customisation page, but if you need to go a bit further, yes, you can style it with your own css.

You can either style it with CSS in your page, or go to the widget settings page -> Style -> Options -> Add Custom CSS and add CSS there.

Browse through the Support Forum to see answers to more questions.

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